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at last in bed, crosslegged and rested, and its only 7am of this moreorless free day laid out before me. i love how time slows when you slow and then you begin to see things again. look at the soft, milky light pouring through the curtain gaps onto the stained (always stained) days-inn duvet. look at my nails! they need trimming. look at all the contents of my pants pockets spilled onto the (yes that really is quite stained) carpet. why am i carrying around so much folded paper? so many lozenges? my house keys? i am thousands of kilometres away from home. take a load off man. and so i am. and letting things come to me. and so came the thought that i haven’t written in too long. and so.

we’ve been busy writing and recording even more this winter/spring. we thought we were done and then we thought we were not done but now we truly are done. the last two songs are being mixed at this very moment. the artwork is coming. videos are coming. we’ve just spent an incredible week on fogo island with our friend/director mark bennett making some live performance videos in the amazing spaces there. all i can say about that place is go there. go to the inn. go to the studios. go to the shed. go to the bay. 

and the summer is coming. it wont be the maddest touring season for us, as our record definitely won’t be out before the fall, but we’ll be tooling about, festivals and beaches and sweet little niches. mostly the eastern half of canada. and then we hit the road in earnest come autumn. 

also coming, in the meantime, are some sneak peeks, some little leaks, videos, artwork, tour dates, and the milky light through your own curtains and the sweet second sight of your own days off. ps our new record is called second sight. 

looking forward looking up

xo tb hr!        

  • 31 May 2014
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